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About Us

Vintage always makes sense.

Vintage Logic is a curated collection of authentic vintage clothing and accessories based in Montréal, Canada.

We started Vintage Logic in 2014 to offer a reliable, trustworthy resource of high quality true vintage clothing. We hand-select each piece for its historically evocative yet wearable style.

Our passion is giving new life to old clothes, finding worth in the discarded and forgotten.

Goodbye, fast fashion.

Hello, slow style.

As our world moves at an increasingly fast pace, we find ourselves rushing to follow the latest trends, only for these pieces to be discarded when the next Shiny New Thing comes along.

At Vintage Logic we offer a slower paced style. Style so slow it took decades to arrive.

Wearing vintage clothing is not only stylish, but logical. Ecologically, ethically, and economically, choosing vintage is a way to be kind to the planet, each other, and ourselves.

At Vintage Logic, our hope is that you find iconic vintage pieces to maximize your style quotient, which will be loved and worn for years to come.

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